In my 32 years of public office, I have always tried to be honest with the people I have been blessed by God to serve.  For the past several weeks I have been suffering from some personal health issues which have significantly hampered my ability to engage in a vigorous campaign.  I have prayed and wrestled over this a great deal.  I felt called by the Lord and supported by many to pursue this opportunity to run as a Republican for the 90th District State Representative.  But I have had to face a very painful reality that I am not in a condition that allows me to pursue this dream any further.  I had hoped my health would improve so that I could follow through on my intentions.  I so deeply appreciate the support given me and do not want to disappoint anyone.  So it is with sadness, yet also with peace, that I am officially announcing my withdrawal from the campaign.

I announce this now so my endorsers and other supporters have sufficient time before the August 5 primary to consider the other four Republicans on the ballot.  I am very thankful to God for those who have supported me in this campaign and also in all my years of public service.  And may He bless all the candidates as they continue in the race.